Why choose Hectre?

By March 3, 2021 No Comments

There are many reasons, but a key one is that at Hectre we’re hugely passionate about making technology simple to use. In the horticulture industry there are all sorts of people working together, all with various experience levels of technology, so simplicity is crucial. We understand this. We know that ease of use has a massive impact on technology take up and we want your business to gain optimum benefit from using Hectre.

In the background, our teams are dealing with very complex technology, but at the user end, we put a tonne of energy and passion into ensuring we make using Hectre as easy to use as possible.

With features covering common harvest management processes such as picking, thinning and pruning, and the capability to digitise timesheets with wages, piece rate and contractor types all covered, integrations with payroll systems included, QC modules, plus insight and reporting functionality – we’re covering all the bases! 

Our solutions deliver real value. Customers tell us that the value they gain from being able to capture real time data with Hectre, provides awesome time savings and arms them with the information they need to make better informed decisions.

Another key reason our customers give for choosing Hectre, is that we truly value feedback and customer suggestions. We want to know how you use our technology, what else you’d like it to do for you, and the difference it makes to your business and your life. 

We’re not arrogant. We’re agile, responsive, and dedicated to improvement.

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