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Finding the Right Fit

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The Puzzle Proposition

by Jason Hill, VP of Sales at Hectre

We don’t want all the business.

We want the right business. We’re interested in a collaboration – a mutual benefit, a partnership. We are interested in discovering what makes every potential client unique, and we’re intentional about it. It’s all about our customers, their needs, their challenges, their strengths, their people, their business. Multiple facets and pieces are considered to help determine if the fit is right.

It’s like a puzzle.

The fun that comes from completing a jigsaw puzzle is twofold. First, there’s the search for that next piece. It’s like a treasure hunt. Once it’s found and the fit is right, it feels good! Second, there’s the feeling of accomplishment when the final piece is placed, seeing all the pieces come together for a complete picture. One that you made! You overcame the challenge of the puzzle.


And it is a challenge!


Completing the puzzle also takes effort, right? The seemingly endless search for the right piece. The time commitment required. The attention it takes to scrutinize each curve and color. But the more you look at the pieces, the more you see things intuitively. You begin to know if there’s a fit more quickly, more easily.


The result: clarity about the big picture.


At Hectre, our goal is much bigger than making the sale. Our goal is long-term. It’s focused on gathering the pieces together and carefully working with potential clients to place the pieces, one by one, until we can step back and see the complete picture together. Only then can we determine if it makes sense to move forward. 


With each piece that fits, the picture is more complete.

We believe the long-term success of a business partnership is established early on. How effectively do we communicate together? What are the expectations on either side? Are they reasonable? Are there common goals? What beliefs do we share? Honestly, it’s kind of like dating. Finding the right partner. Both parties are committed to building the puzzle to see if the pieces fit.


It is because of this approach that you can be assured we will never force the pieces to fit. You can be confident that we will make the effort to collaborate and understand you and your business. We recognize that every opportunity, every relationship, is unique. We are interested in discovering the fit, not acing the pitch.


Let’s build a puzzle together.