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Hectre Establishes Dual Hemisphere R&D Teams In Response To Demand

By December 1, 2021 No Comments
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Following an oversubscribed capital raise earlier this quarter, Hectre are building out their talent capacity even further in response to global demand for their simple to use orchard technologies.

To support the pace of innovation Hectre are seeking, they’ve invested in a second R&D team. This means they’ll have the strength of two talented R&D teams powering the Hectre engine.

One upside of the pandemic (at least there’s one!) has been the vast improvement of tools and systems to manage and access global teams.

Hectre is taking advantage of this gain and building out their second team in Vietnam where there’s a wealth of highly qualified engineering and development talent available.

There are huge benefits with establishing their second R&D team in Vietnam as it means they’ll then have dual hemisphere teams. And that means while one Hectre R&D team is sleeping… the other team is hard at work creating amazing technology for Hectre’s customers!

Hectre has dual hemisphere R&D teams which means fast innovation cycles

In the past year Hectre have more than doubled their team and now have 30 awesome committed people working to support the success of fruit growers and packers around the world.

“Every single one of them is super passionate about making an outstanding contribution and we’re grateful for the talent, dedication and care they bring to their work everyday,” says Hectre CEO and Co-founder Matty Blomfield.