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Hectre Releases Overtime Feature To Assist Farmers With Mandate Requirements

By August 10, 2022 No Comments
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As labor mandates and regulations change, Hectre is delivering solutions to help fruit farmers navigate new requirements.


Hectre’s latest software enhancement provides Hectre customers with the flexibility to configure overtime and double-time according to the payroll laws of their specific country or state.


In the US, overtime as a rule began in 1938 when legislation was passed to combat high unemployment during the Great Depression. Farm workers were exempt, to enable agricultural producers to hire the high-volume temporary positions they required to get their seasonal work done.

That’s changing. Now, at least seven states have removed agricultural workers from the overtime exemption and it is thought that more states will follow in the future.

Visual map of which states have overtime requirements for fruit farm workers

Overtime and Double-time:

Hectre’s latest product enhancement offers farmers the flexibility to configure overtime and double-time according to the payroll laws of their specific country or state.

This latest release to the Hectre Orchard Management App, adds further strength to the popular App, which has been built with user simplicity as the key design foundation. The Hectre App is the orchard management app of choice for apple, pear and cherry farmers across the US, including Zingler Farms, Tom Rasch & Son Orchards, Kast Farms, and leading fruit producers such as Borton Fruit.

With modules such as Timesheet & Payroll, Harvest Management, Quality Control, Scout Task Management and Reporting & Insights, as well as Spectre Mobile Fruit Sizing AI, the app is saving farmers time, frustration and money.

Hectre customers will now have the option to include non-agricultural work and the ability to configure daily, weekly, or consecutive day overtime hours. They will also be able to check the regular rate of pay, which can be particularly useful.

The product enhancement is also designed to be “set and forget,” meaning once customers have configured the overtime and double-time in their Hectre app, no adjustments should be needed unless there is a law change.

Screenshot of Hectre Orchard Management App Overtime screens

Getting Hectre’s Overtime Functionality Into Your Hands

Hectre’s Customer Success team will now be contacting Hectre customers directly to roll out this new feature.

If you are considering Orchard Management Software for your fruit farm, join the quality focused growers from around the world that use Hectre.

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