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Hectre’s Spray Module To Connect With AsureQuality

By December 4, 2020 No Comments
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Logos of Hectre and AsureQuality

Due for release in 2021, Hectre’s much anticipated spray management module will enable New Zealand growers to send their digital spray plans created on the Hectre platform, directly to the New Zealand certification body, AsureQuality.

Hectre’s Spray Management module enables growers to digitally plan and store all of their critical spray information. With the ability to load up multiple spray plans, diary for action, and print off spray worksheets for operator use, growers have been looking forward to getting their hands on the spray module. The inclusion of direct online linkages to AsureQuality, removing time that was wasted collating masses of paper documentation and making the process simple, is expected to provide Hectre’s NZ based customers with yet another advantage.

Laptop with Hectre spray plan and print out
Photo of Robert Yano - Product Manager at Hectre

“We really wanted to deliver that added value to our customers and knew that one of their biggest pain points was not only capturing all of their spray activity in a digital format, but physically getting their spray documentation to AsureQuality, a task required for certification. So we worked for some time to find an interface solution that would enable our customers to send their spray data directly through the Hectre platform to AsureQuality,” advises Robert Yano, Product Manager at Hectre.

“It was a difficult situation, deciding to hold back the full launch of the Hectre spray management module. We’re always super keen to get tools we know will make a difference into the hands of our customers as soon as we can! But in this case, we felt being able to provide that added benefit of the AsureQuality link was worth the wait,” adds Robert.

Hectre’s Spray Management module will be released to market in 2021 and interested parties are now able to register their interest.