What They’re Saying About Us

“"Compared to doing things manually, Hectre saves huge amounts of time. On the payroll front, we only spend 30min total each week, saving 4 hours all up."”

GrowerApples + Grapes

“The early size data Hectre's Spectre tool will deliver, enables us to evaluate the pick and size against KPI’s, make adjustments accordingly on orchard and in the packhouse”


“When we evaluate new technology, simplicity of use is high on our list. We want technology like Hectre that can be used at all levels of our organisation and across our supply chain.”


“A true mark of how committed the Hectre team is to us, is their support network. They have always been receptive to feedback and willing to help where possible to ensure Hectre suits our business.”


“We used to manually record the QC information for a single bin per picker each day. Now it's so fast to QC bins through Hectre, we can nearly QC every single bin harvested.”


“Usually a sample of fruit is taken with each batch to estimate the size of the fruit. That sample size is too small but with Spectre we'll be able to take a sample of what the size will be of each bin, making the estimation significantly more accurate.”

BI ManagerCitrus