Crop Size Estimation

From Hectre, creators of the world’s simplest orchard technologies, comes Spectre for Fruitlets – fruit sizing for crop estimation.

Hectre showcases it’s Clever Simplicity approach once more,
with the introduction of Spectre for Fruitlets.


The fastest, most accurate, and simplest, crop size estimation
app in the world  to be delivered straight from an iPad or iPhone.

Spectre for Fruitlets - graph and grower using Spectre for crop size estimations

Get The Edge

Gain a massive increase in your crop size estimation samples, in less time than manual sizing and with improved accuracy.

Three Simple Steps

1. Collect fruitlets

2. Take photo on iPad

3. Receive sizing results in seconds!

Save Time. Get Better Data.

Run Spectre for Fruitlets estimations across a time series, quickly and accurately, to assess fruitlet growth in the lead up to harvest.

Inform critical decisions such as harvest planning, labor scheduling, packaging purchases and assist your sales teams to secure valuable sales orders earlier than ever before.

At Rockit we do things different, always have, always will – across all areas of our operation. An area that has always posed challenges for growers is harvest estimation. How do we accurately answer the questions of 'When will harvest be ready?' and ‘What size fruit will we have available to sell this year?'.

Until now, we have had to rely on traditional processes which saw our people using manual calipers to size fruitlets across a time series. It's hugely labour intensive and the results are often inaccurate. We had seen Spectre in action for successful post-harvest early fruit sizing and wanted to apply the same technology to pre-harvest estimations.

Now our team can simply take a photo on an iPad or iPhone of a small crate of fruitlets, upload it to Spectre and receive a size distribution graph within seconds. We think this will be a game changer in helping us Rockit every day.

Stuart DykesInnovation Manager at Rockit Global Ltd

Spectre for Fruitlets has now been released to a select group of growers involved in the Hectre Innovation Pilot Program.