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Pieces of Fruit Detected and Sized
Digital Timesheets Processed


“The more we know about the size profile, the better we can plan our sales programs. Spectre enables us to provide instant feedback to growers regarding the harvesting crew meeting the brief in terms of picking to a size profile.

Ian Albers / First Fresh NZManaging Director

I could never attend my daughter's high school volleyball games before Hectre. Last season, I attended ALL of her games, because Hectre has saved me so much time. It used to take me 2 hours every night to reconcile & enter all the timesheets. With Hectre, it only takes 20 minutes.

Deb Turner / Turner Fruit LLCCo-owner

Hectre will help us with the communication chain from the field, to the warehouse, to sales. Being able to plan better, is the end goal of what we're accomplishing.

Gilbert Plath / Washington Fruit & ProduceField Staff & Technology




Timesheets & Payroll

Digital timesheets – no more paper. Badge scanning available.

Piece rate & wages – Hectre captures both easily and fast.

Auto calculation of paid breaks, overtime and minimum wage top ups.

Track sick leave and annual leave all in the app.

Payroll integration – custom payroll export files (csv) can be imported directly into any payroll system.

Imagine your labor entries being captured once and flowing all the way through, ready for payroll.

Manually clocking in workers on a mobile phone

Harvest, QC, Tasks & Insights

Picking modules for both big and small fruit – apples, pears, citrus, cherries and more.

Real-time view of the pick moving through the farm with geo-tagging.

Identify defects, improve picker performance, and lift packout rates.

Record & monitor pest & disease before it spreads. Track orchard health & safety hazards and accidents, assign and action.

Access harvest data , track costs and profitability by block, variety and acre and gain deep labor insights. Better insights plus better decisions, brings better results.


Use On Your iPhone or iPad

Spectre’s award winning technology means you can simply capture a photo on your iPad or iPhone, hit upload and Spectre will detect and size your fruit.

No stickers to be stuck on fruit. No reference balls needed in bins. No lidar tech requirements.

Simply click and view.

Fast & Accurate Results

Spectre delivers sizing results in seconds straight to your device.

CSV reports and API also available.

Spectre’s accuracy rate is 95%+ when compared against multi-million dollar commercial grading machines.

Totally unfair, but blooming impressive!

Spectre In The Packhouse

Use Spectre in the packhouse as soon as fruit arrives.

  • Assess the size of fruit arriving so you can make better storage decisions.
  • Get the right size fruit out of the room when you’re ready to pack.
  • Reduce expensive packing line stoppages.
  • Get better data on your fruit, so you can sell it faster.
Spectre mobile fruit sizing for citrus plus apples

Spectre In The Field

Use Spectre in the field as soon as you’ve picked a bin.

  • Assess how well you’re meeting the sizing brief.
  • Provide insights to the packhouse of what’s coming in off the field.
  • Identify different size profiles generated by different blocks.
  • Gain early fruit sizing data and take advantage of early sales opportunities.

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