Cherry Bin Ticketing (Supervisor)- on iPad or iPhone 

 Clocking in (two methods):

  1. Manually through Timesheets & selecting job, location, or 
  2. When the first bin is scanned/logged in Picking module, worker (supervisor) is automatically clocked in

To access the Cherries module press the hamburger button and select Cherries from the proceeding menu.

Adding a bucket

  • Select Orchard location by pressing the menu in the upper right corner.
  • To add a bucket an employee has completed, select their name from your list of employees.
  • Then press add bucket in the lower left corner or scan badge by pressing the scan button above add buckets. (To change the sort press buckets next to the supervisor name)

Adding a QC

To add a QC select the 3 dots next to your total amount of bins                                    

In the proceeding menu select the red QC or the scan button and scan associated bin tag to open QC menu

Entering data into QC

Once you are in the QC module, there are various parts which can be edited by the quality controller.

  • Sample size – change sample size between 25,50 and 100 fruit
  • Weight – Input fruit weight
  • Comments – Add comments for the bin, not specific issues
  • Photos – Add photos for bin. Photos are not attached to a specific defect

Select the defects that your fruit has (defect titles will vary depending on growers preference) and press the red save button.

You are able to change the titles of defects noted in the QC module on the web app as long as you have full dashboard access. There is no limit to the amount of defect categories you can add. To change: Admin -> Varieties -> QC defects

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