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Spectre Hand-Held

50% off standard pricing for your first harvest

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Use Spectre Hand-Held straight off your phone or tablet to gain reliable post-harvest size data from the very first bin. Full training included. 

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"Just like a grader in your pocket"

Access reliable fruit size data earlier than ever before

Spectre Hand-Held provides growers and packers with fruit size data in seconds, anytime, anywhere. With more than 100 pieces of fruit detected per bin, Spectre is the fastest, most accurate, and simplest, post-harvest early size data solution in the world. 

Three simple steps to transform your size sampling process:

  1. Pick a bin of fruit
  2. Take a photo on phone or tablet and upload to Spectre
  3. Receive accurate size distribution data… in seconds
No limits on users or images. In fact, we encourage you to use Spectre to the max.
Use Spectre Hand-Held anywhere. In the orchard, coolstore, or packhouse.
Full virtual training provided plus in-person group training sessions available.
No commitment to future contracts required. (We know you’ll want it though…)

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Spectre Dashboard for Insights

Optimize your picking, storage, packing, labor, and sales and marketing decisions, with Spectre Hand-Held.

Access your Spectre Hand-Held size data on your device in the field, in the coolstore, or in the packhouse. Or take a deeper dive into your data using the Spectre Dashboard. 

  • Access your Spectre data from wherever you are
  • Aggregate your Spectre data for block or lot views
  • Share Spectre data with teams and partners in real time
  • Download and manipulate your data
  • Integrate with your data systems via the Spectre API (additional charge applies)

Spectre for Colour

Early colour grading in seconds (not included in the offer but can be added for an additional fee)

Hectre’s Spectre for Colour uses computer vision and machine learning AI to automatically detect lighting environments, apply pre-set colour calibrations, and deliver growers and packers valuable colour grading data, earlier than ever before.

  • Colour data in seconds
  • Ability to customize your lighting settings
  • Better data for a better pick, pack and sales

Spectre Hand-Held

50% off standard pricing

for your first harvest

Secure this exclusive saving now for your 2024 harvest.

Limited offer – only available to the first 20 customers.   T&Cs apply.