Spectre is the only double award winning early fruit sizing app in the global AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Here are some differences customers and industry would probably note when comparing Hectre to others

Huge data sets

Spectre has been in the market since 2020, so Hectre's data sets are huge, which means they have greater capability and reliability of data.


Spectre's high accuracy has been proven against multi-million dollar grader machines (not just lab tests like some other companies use). You can trust the testing.

Relevant experience

The Hectre team includes people who have experience in the fruit industry. They understand the challenges we are facing.

In-person onboarding

Hectre has a strong dedication towards the success of their customers. They do in-person implementation at your property whenever possible.

Solid product

Hectre are past the pilot and scaling stages. Their Spectre fruit sizing apps are the top choice for premier fruit packhouses in Washington now. They are fully commercial and ready to use.

Focused specialization

Hectre specialize in tree fruits and are deep into the industry. They are the global leader for AI early fruit sizing for the valuable apple industry and cater for other crops as well.


Top Down Innovation

Hectre is the only fruit technology company in the world delivering accurate fruit size data at scale and with speed, straight off the truck at receiving

Gain a 4000% increase in your early fruit size sampling

Industry Case Studies: hear how industry is using Spectre and the advantages they are gaining over their competitors

Hectre’s Spectre subscription allows for unlimited images and unlimited users, ensuring customers gain maximum use from the app with no barriers