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Hectre’s award winning mobile fruit sizing app Spectre has now sized more than 68 million pieces of fruit. No other mobile fruit sizing app in the world delivers this level of accurate and reliable size data.

View of bin tickets overview in the Hectre app

Streamline Harvest Management

Spend your time ensuring the quality of the fruit

  • Create bin tickets in 3 seconds (or scan packhouse tickets)
  • Save up to 75% of managers’ time during harvest
  • Know exactly how much you’ve picked anywhere, anytime
  • Fast scanning for fruit receival at the packhouse
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Hectre frees up so much time so we can focus on fruit quality

Leah BaileyHead QC

Reduce Time Spent On Timesheets and Payroll

Save hours every week

  • Digital timesheets to capture every job on the farm
  • Automatic piece rate, paid breaks and wage calculations
  • Easy management of award requirements and minimum wage top ups
  • Management reports to track costs by orchard, block, job type and more
  • Payroll locking for security and auditing
  • Simple to use payroll integrations to connect and streamline your payroll process
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A timesheet summary in the Hectre app

Make the move to Hectre and gain the QC advantage!

We can see defects in real time and identify pickers that are below team QC averages.

Chris McInallyProduction Manager
iPad showing Hectre Orchard Management App with digital QC quality control for improved packout

Increase Your Packout Rates

Improve picker performance with Hectre's real time Orchard QC

  • Identify and address quality issues immediately
  • Ensure QC information is captured and shared
  • View and analyze picker performance, trends and fruit defects
  • Generate digital QC sheets directly from your mobile device
  • Reduce picker damage and increase your packout rates
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See All Your Orchard Jobs In One Place

Use GPS tags to track down to the tree

  • Manage and assign jobs
  • Spend less time finding jobs
  • Know what’s happening on the orchard
  • Know how many trees need replaced
  • Track and view the spread of pest & disease
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A map view of a task in the scout module of the Hectre app
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Gain Reliable Fruit Size Data Earlier Than Ever Before

POST HARVEST: Improve the pick. Reduce packline stoppages. Increase returns.

  • Accurate fruit sizing in seconds with Hectre’s leading edge computer vision technology, Spectre
  • Increase QC sample size by 100 with just one click
  • No specialist equipment required. Use in the orchard, or in the warehouse or packhouse
  • Early size data for a better pick and better storage, packing and sales decisions
* For large scale operations: Hectre's Spectre Top Down app delivers size data on up to 5,000 pieces of fruit, straight off the truck. Used by premier packers and marketers around the world.
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Spectre early fruit sizing
Hectre's sizing graph and apple truck

The more we know about the size profile, the better we can plan our sales programs.

Ian AlbersManaging Director
Results graph for Spectre for fruitlets

PRE HARVEST: Gain crop size data for harvest forecasting and early sales

  • Fast and accurate sizing of fruitlets
  • Three easy steps   1- Collect fruitlets    2 – Take photo    3 – Receive size data
  • Replace archaic manual sizing methods
  • Assess fruitlet growth over a time series
  • Gain large increases in sample sizes
  • No specialist equipment required 
  • Insights for crop maturity, harvest planning, labor scheduling and packaging purchases
  • Secure valuable early sales orders
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Built for both small and commercial growers

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