Fruit Sizing
For Cherries

From award winning fruit tech company Hectre, comes Spectre for Cherries.


Early fruit sizing and color grading

straight from the bucket, tote or bin, within seconds.

Using just a phone or tablet, this is leading edge computer vision AI technology delivered with user simplicity top of mind.

Spectre for Cherries customers can simply take a photo of a full bin, tote or bucket of cherries on their phone or tablet, upload to Spectre, and within seconds they will receive a size distribution graph followed by early color grading data.

High volume cherry producers have the option of a premium Spectre for Cherries solution – Spectre for Cherries Top Down. This option combines Spectre for Cherries with an overhead camera which captures images of bins or totes as they travel along your existing conveyor systems.

Fast and accurate size results provide major advantages for both cherry growers and packers:

Spectre For Cherries

For Growers

  • Adjust the pick immediately
  • Increase your packout
  • Know your size before it leaves the farm
  • Identify low performing blocks
  • Optimize your performance
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Spectre For Cherries

For Packers

  • Secure sales opportunities faster
  • Know what’s coming in off the farm
  • Improve packing line planning
  • Reduce costly stoppages
  • Optimize sales
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Spectre for cherries graph on iPhone - fast and accurate fruit sizing

"We have reduced our packing downtime from 5 to 10 minutes per hour, to basically zero."

River Valley Fruit (Washington, US)
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Your Questions Answered

Technology doesn’t have to be complicated and Hectre makes it simple. Simple to use means easy adoption for your teams and full value for you.

Our friendly team is available to step you through Spectre to show you how this simple to use technology, can deliver valuable insights assisting you to reduce your costs and increase your revenue.

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Spectre for Cherries - cherry buckets being photographed on iPhone for instant fruit sizing

Lugs Buckets Totes Bins

Whether you’re picking into lugs, buckets, totes or bins, Spectre for Cherries has been developed to work with each of these.

Simply take a photo of your cherries on your phone or tablet, upload to Spectre and within seconds you’ll receive a size distribution graph.

Get your sizing data, in your hands, right now.

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Spectre for Cherries - cherry bins being photographed on iPad for instant fruit sizing

About Hectre

Triple award winners in the global AgTech Breakthrough Awards, Hectre has been supporting the success of fruit growers and packers around the world for over five years. With teams in the US, Chile, Europe and New Zealand, our technologies are now being used in 14 countries across the globe.

Along with fast and accurate early fruit sizing, we also provide Orchard Management Software through our Hectre app, transforming orchards and farms with our clever simplicity approach. We’re dedicated to supporting the success of fruit growers and packers, are committed to continual innovation, and we value our customers.

If you like doing business with genuine, friendly and professional people, join other leading companies who are working with us and maximize your performance.

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Learn more about Hectre's award winning Spectre fruit sizing technology.

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