Top Down

Massive fruit size samples STRAIGHT OFF THE TRUCK.


From Hectre, winners in the global AgTech Breakthrough Awards and creators of the world’s simplest orchard technologies, comes Spectre Top Down.

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Providing high volume fruit producers, packers, marketers and shippers with access to massive fruit size samples, straight off the truck, within seconds.

Technology and Process Flow

Hectre’s Spectre Top Down solution combines Hectre’s award winning  Spectre fruit sizing technology, with a simple to implement customized camera installation.

Flatbed trucks arriving at receiving pass under the Spectre Top Down camera. Using extensive computer vision AI and machine learning tool sets, Spectre Top Down detects and sizes fruit straight off the truck, delivering massive size samples with high levels of accuracy, at speed.

Fruit packhouses have been gaining sales, storage, pack and reputation advantages from Hectre’s Spectre fruit sizing hand-held tech for several years now. The release of Spectre Top Down is a continuation of Hectre’s dedication to clever simplicity: delivering leading-edge technology that is highly practical, simple to use, and which delivers strong value to industry.

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Flatbed trucks pull up to receiving.

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And pass under Hectre’s Spectre Top Down camera installation.

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Hectre’s award-winning AI technology detects and sizes fruit from the top layer of bins, delivering massive size samples.

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Size data is available within seconds and can be pushed via API.

Modernize Your Size Sampling Process

Competitive Advantage - Ours and Yours

With dual hemisphere R&D teams, Hectre’s speed to innovate is world leading, providing Hectre customers with early access to progressive technology and positioning Hectre at the forefront of the fruit tech industry.

The massive size samples served up by Spectre Top Down, deliver sales teams, packhouse managers and BI teams with superior data for decision making, earlier than ever before. With early meaningful data, comes advantage.

Better size data enables greater confidence among sales teams.

Know what size fruit you’ve got and sell it.

Better size data means scheduling teams can better plan the pack.

Reduce pack line stoppages and save on labor costs.

Better size data allows logistics to be planned and optimized.

Book logistics with confidence and reduce costs.

Better size data enables your business to successfully fulfill orders and satisfy your customers.

Deliver on your brand promise and grow your reputation.

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2023 Onboarding - Now Taking Priority Bookings

There will be a limited volume of onboarding slots offered in 2023. If you would like to target implementation of Spectre Top Down for the 2023 season, contact us now to secure an onboarding slot.