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Hectre is an award winning agritech SaaS (Software as a Service) company helping fruit growers and packers around the world to improve productivity and reduce environmental impacts, resulting in greater sustainability.

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Growing quality fruit and getting it to market is extremely challenging. Our purpose is to make it easier by providing simple to use, valuable solutions that empower fruit growers, packers and enterprise.

We’re excited about building technology that our customers around the world love to use. The Hectre app brings together harvest management, labor management (including piece rate), payroll, quality control, yield data and fruit sizing technology, delivering a comprehensive tool.

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With usability in the orchard, on the farm, in the packhouse and in the office, everything is recorded in one place. Growers and packers can access valuable data, wherever they may be, for greater insights and informed decision making.

Our customers currently include apple, pear, citrus, cherry and berry growers, as well as packhouses, marketers and sales desks. Our talented global team continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the current and future needs of this critical industry.

At Hectre, our focus is on our customers and creating world leading, simple to use technologies that support their success.