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With the Hectre timesheet on your mobile device, no more paper timesheets are needed.

Reports are ready at hand for compliance and auditing.

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Hectre Timesheets & Payroll

Complicated pay structure? Simplify it.

  • Hectre enables supervisors and managers to track time and attendance for any number of workers.
  • Workers can be full time employees on wages, contractors working on piece rate, or a combination of both – even on the same day for the same person.
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Dealing with minimum wage regulations?

We’ve got you covered.

Hectre’s simple to use Orchard Management App captures all piece rate work undertaken, plus hours worked. Our clever tech then automatically assesses whether your workers have achieved minimum wage and if not, top ups are automatically calculated.

And it all flows through to your Hectre payroll reports.

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View of the build team screen on a mobile device

Give your leaders the gift of efficiency.

  • With Hectre timesheet, workers are added to teams by supervisors and crew bosses with the touch of a button.
  • Once added, leaders gain full visibility of team roster: who’s in, who’s out, and the ability to clock them in or out quickly.
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Manually clocking in workers on a mobile phone

Pen and paper no longer required.

  • Clock in and out, either manually or via employee badge scanning using QR codes.
  • Hectre also enables Self Check In. A tablet can be placed on site for staff to clock themselves in and out.
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Dealing with overtime and double-time mandates and regulations?

Hectre has got you covered.

With the Hectre Orchard Management App you have the flexibility to configure your settings to meet the overtime and double-time regulations that apply to your region. 

And it all connects into your Hectre payroll reports.

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Tracking different activities in the digital Hectre timesheet

Take a break from tracking breaks.

Track sick leave, annual leave and unpaid activities (e.g. lunch breaks, no shows). The Hectre platform automatically tracks paid breaks for contract work, and gives you a full view of:

  • Total wages
  • Contract rates
  • Breaks paid
  • Total paid break pay
  • Contract rate with paid breaks
  • Minimum wage pay top ups
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Laptop view of Paroll Panel in den Hectre Webapp

Integrate to your Payroll system

When you are ready to run payroll, Hectre gives you the ability to select date ranges and create custom report settings such as orchard/farms, individual workers, and contract agencies who have supplied workers to you.

When you have checked and confirmed the amounts to be paid you can export:

  • A full report of all pay information over your selected date range.
  • A custom payroll export file (csv) which can be imported directly into any payroll system (we’ve yet to find a system we cannot do this for).
  • A pay run through an API with selected payroll platforms. This is possible with Cloud-based payroll tools.
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No internet connection? No problem!

  • Hectre is built with the power of Google Firebase, a realtime database that gives your staff the ability to track time and attendance with or without an internet connection.
  • As soon as you’re reconnected to the internet over satellite or WiFi, Hectre will automatically sync – your staff are not required to take any action to do this.
  • We use the latest industry standard security rules and protocols to protect your staff and company from data theft.

With Hectre, payroll is streamlined.

Time is saved. Everything is automated.

You’re in control.

You can have the confidence that timesheets and payroll administration are accurate and easy.