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Welcome to The Co-Hort Podcast!

It’s awesome to have you join us! At Hectre, we believe there are amazing stories of resilience, lessons learned and knowledge, to be shared from within the horticulture industry. We also believe there is a hunger among the world to hear these stories, to be entertained, and to grow. These beliefs have led us to create The Co-Hort Podcast. We hope you enjoy the listen!

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Making mods for Minecraft! Creating tech to lock your folks out!
Curious, creative and determined minds are just the ticket for snagging an internship at an award winning, leading edge, fruit tech company like Hectre.
What are internships all about? And how do you get one?
And once you've got one, what do you actually do???

In this episode of The Co-Hort Podcast, we speak with interns Neville and Thomas about their recent internships at Hectre. We step through their pathway into Hectre via the Summer of Tech, the first day nerves, the multitude of learnings, and the fantastic takeaways that are setting them up for future success.

And parents! If your kids are addicted to the online mega-game, Minecraft, do not despair. They could end up snagging a successful internship at an award winning fruit tech company like Hectre!

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In an industry where big is better and small is a joke, how does a mini apple become a global success story?
In this episode of the Co-Hort Podcast, we speak with Chad Harris, Orchard Manager at the largest single Rockit apple block... on the planet! In just a few years, this block will be producing more than 60 million deliciously crunchy nutritious Rockit apples per year - that’s the equivalent of the population of Italy!

From raking up branches in the freezing chill of winter as an orchard hand, to now playing a key leadership role in Rockit’s largest single block on the planet, Chad is a Rockit Man and this is a wonderful story of parallels, where both brand and person are on a meteoric rise.

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Did you realize that the luscious shiny piece of fruit you see on the supermarket shelf, has been 20 years in the making?
Their "parents" have had a party and created a bunch of promising seeds, and from those seeds, thousands of seedlings have followed. And from those thousands of seedlings, maybe, just maybe, one will make it to the big time. It's a massive, expensive gamble!

Join us as we step inside the fantastic story of breeding a new apple. We'll tap into the mind of Steve Potbury from Fruitcraft NZ, who lives and breathes variety development. Pick up some awesome facts that you never knew you needed to know, and wow your buddies at your next BBQ!

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Based in small town New Zealand, where everybody knows your name, Oliver Rowling grows apples and pears and raises his kids in classic “Kiwi” style, with room to roam and grandparents at the ready.
During last year’s harvest, Covid came to town and brought with it buckets of fear and uncertainty. Growers get just one chance per year to gain a return on all of the sweat, tears and money they've invested across the year - how does it feel when that one chance is at risk?

Oliver shares how terrifying and necessary technology has become, how exciting the Asian market is, why pears can’t match it with apples, and the secrets of successfully working with your wife...
Guys please take note!

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Chris Murphy is a fifth generation grower and co-owner of Murphy Horticulture, an apple and grape orchard based in Blenheim, at the tip of New Zealand's South Island.
While his town battles it out for the title of "Most sunshine hours in New Zealand", Chris is focused on honouring those that have gone before him and protecting and growing his legacy of land for the future. With three gorgeous daughters, he's got a lot to strive for as he stakes his claim as one of the last commercial apple growers in the area.

Chris is a highly valued Hectre customer who has been on the Hectre journey since the get go and he's a top bloke! We hope you enjoy hearing a little of his story.