Spray management just got a whole lot simpler!

  • No more filling out piles of paper as you try to keep track of your pesticide and chemical spray programs.
  • Schedule and diarise your spray plans in advance and online.
  • Capture everything in the cloud for easy and accurate recording and compliance collation.
Laptop with Hectre spray plan and print out
Hectre spray plan on laptop


The Spray Management module is the latest innovation from Hectre, creators of the world’s simplest orchard management software.

With final testing now underway, the Spray Management module is expected to be available for full use in January 2021. Not long to wait!

To be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of this new module, register your interest now.

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Laptop showing Hectre spray products page

Better manage your withholding periods.

  • Hectre’s Spray Management module will automatically calculate withholding periods for you, removing the impacts of errors.
  • Receive alerts if harvest timeframes don’t allow sufficient time for withholding periods.
Laoptop showing Hectre spray plan with print out

Better manage your spray operators.

  • Simply enter your spray plans into Hectre and with the click of a button, you can print off easy to read spray plan documents to issue to spray operators.
  • Gain sign off from operators for your spray plans for certification.
  • Add new operators and capture critical details such as certification ID’s and expiry dates.

Spray Management is easier, more accurate and everything is captured in real time.

Be one of the first to gain the benefits of Hectre’s Spray Management module and register your interest now.