Streamline your agrichemical applications. Save time and ensure compliance with our easy-to-use Spray Module.

Spray Management Made Easy

  • Instantly create and share your spray applications with ease, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.
  • Plan and schedule your spray activities well in advance, ensuring you’re always prepared.
  • Keep detailed records of your spray applications, streamlining your process for compliance and audits.
  • Determine the earliest pick date by utilizing preharvest interval data from your spray plans to make precise and informed decisions.

Store all your settings in one place

  • Keep all your settings consolidated in a single, accessible location.
  • Easily document your spray operators’ details, including license information.
  • Efficiently log and reference agrichemicals/pesticides, including their EPA numbers and crucial data.
  • Maintain records of your sprayers and their tank capacities for simplified spray calculations.

Hectre is bringing growers the simplest spray module on the market

Streamline your spray management with our Spray Module, track sprays in real-time, and manage pre-harvest intervals effortlessly. Discover an easy way to handle your agrichemical applications, register your interest here.

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Easily determine your pre-harvest intervals

  • The spray module will automatically calculate preharvest intervals.
  • Gain insights with a simplified view of the earliest pick dates for your crops, based on preharvest interval data from your spray plans.

Create and record concise spray plans

  • Provide your spray operators with clear, concise instructions on the where, when, and what of spraying, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Share or print your spray plans with ease, facilitating smooth communication and collaboration.
  • Quickly copy or duplicate spray plans to boost efficiency and simplify repeated applications.

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The Hectre Spray Management module will make spray management easier, more accurate and will capture everything in real time. No more headaches collating paperwork – it will be all ready for you in the Hectre app.

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