The Hectre Reporting Dashboard

One platform for all orchard information

  • Access all your harvest data and track costs and profitability by block, variety and per hectare/acre.
  • View your payroll & inventory reports at a glance, as we can integrate your existing systems – no need to work in more than one system.
I Need More Insights For My Orchard
Hectre Insights Dashboard

Are you overstaffed? Be sure.

  • To assist with planning, all jobs are tracked down to the minute, giving you full view of how many workers you employed and how many hours and workers it took to complete particular jobs.
  • If you know you’re growing by 5%, then you know how many workers you need next year during which month, or even week.
  • Combine this data with Hectre’s performance and QC tools, and you’ll know your baseline for staffing and if it needs adjustment.
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Better insights + Informed decisions = Better results.

Making data-driven decisions is now much easier, as custom reports and analysis can be created effortlessly.

All data is available for export at any time, giving you the power to run custom queries on excel or other systems.

Laptop view of Admin Panel in den Hectre Webapp

Detailed cost analysis, made simple.

  • Hectre makes it effortless to track detailed costings on any farm or orchard down to the row, block, management area and job level.
  • You can setup as many job types to track as you want from the admin panel, along with cost codes to match your accounting and finance functions.
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View of the User Management in the Admin Panel of the Hectre Web Platform

Key insights for key people.

As a manager, you can view the work completed by staff on mobile or on the computer, using the Hectre Cloud-based login. Access controls give you the power to set rigorous restrictions on who can access which data, including restrictions to:

  • Finance and payroll activities
  • Orchard and farm insights on profitability
  • Management capabilities such as setting orchard rates and setting up staff in the system
  • Supervising teams
  • Inputting individual timesheets only
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Decisions make a difference. 

Gain true cost analysis that enables you to determine where you can improve profitability, and make those changes immediately.

With Hectre Reporting, you have access to important insights and data that are pivotal to making informed decisions.

Access the tools that make data-driven decisions, your decisions.