Task Management for Orchards

Stop losing time finding issues twice.

  • Plan and manage your key orchard tasks from one place.
  • Save your team valuable time, so they can spend it helping you grow high grade, beautiful fruit.
Increase my operational efficiency now
Adding a task in scout on a mobile phone

Risk: Why not lower it?

  • Record and monitor pest & disease before it spreads.
  • Track orchard health & safety dangers, accidents, and how you’ve addressed risks, all from your phone or any other mobile device.
  • Simply assign any of these as tasks to your staff and check back on the completion – all within the app.
A map view of a task in the scout module of the Hectre app

Track your tasks and risks, automatically.

  • The Hectre Scout module uses GPS hardware to pull location data automatically.
  • Once a task is started, Scout tags your location.
  • Started the task elsewhere? That’s ok, you can move the GPS tag to the correct location right from your mobile device.
Adding comments and photos to a task in scout on a phone

All the tools to communicate effectively.

  • Make sure the task is done right and staff knows exactly what needs to be resolved.
  • Simply add notes and photos to any task to ensure that they get all the information needed to complete the job.

Mitigate costly risks.

Track health and safety issues and tasks.

Assign staff to get the job done, and streamline communication with Scout by Hectre.