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Who We Are

Originating in 2016 and born out of an obsession to provide better outcomes for the global fruit industry, Hectre is now the world-leader in post-harvest Mobile Fruit Sizing technologies and a leading name in Orchard Management Software.

Like many great success stories, ours began from very humble beginnings and with the support of some very special people. Growers.

Fast forward to today, and Hectre now serves some of the largest fruit growers and packers around the world, has managed more than 175,000 digital timesheets and sized more than 68,000,000 pieces of fruit. More importantly, we’ve positively impacted the bottom lines of the businesses we work with.

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What We Do

We create leading edge, easy to use orchard technologies that deliver value to growers and packers, whether they be small family owned businesses or large scale enterprises.

From harvest management, quality control, fruit sizing technology, pest control, workforce and task management, to payroll and data analysis, we make technology work for our customers, reducing time and product wastage, improving productivity and profitability.

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Why We Do What We Do

We want to positively impact the lives of our customers, not just contribute to their business success.

If using our tools enables a fruit grower to improve their productivity and spend more time with their family, or do more of what they love to, then that’s meaningful to us.