Quality control was never easier!

  • We added sophisticated algorithms behind the scenes to power Hectre Quality Control.
  • You’ll gain a step up to identify defects, improve picker performance, and lift packout rates
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Hectre QC

The digital advantage.

  • Generate a digital Quality Control sheet from your mobile device or tablet to add QC samples and defects for any bin.
  • Add photos and notes directly from the field.
  • The QC sheet is tied directly to the bin and the picker, bringing the ability to report and measure all QC data together in one place.
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Hectre QC

More control over your Quality Control.

  • Since all jobs are tracked by worker, you gain full visibility of their performance in terms of work done over time.
  • Improve your pickers’ performance with visual benchmarking and instant trend analysis from the field.

With Hectre, QC processes are easier, performance is more visible and measurable, and everything is trackable.

Start benefiting from better quality and better control of your QC today.