Hectre for cherries

Hectre recognizes the fast pace of picking smaller fruit and has developed a specific module in the Hectre orchard management app for cherry growers.

Timesheets & Payroll

  • Easy to use timesheets
  • Scanning function for quick clock in of workers
  • Auto calculation of piece rates, wages & breaks
  • Minimum wage top ups
  • Flexibility to shift crews around
  • Track sick leave and holidays
  • Simple integration with payroll providers
iPad with Hectre for cherry timesheets

Cherry Picking

  • Quick and simple options to credit buckets and lugs
  • Select a picker OR simply scan their badge, and credit
  • Allocate piece rate to fit your needs
  • Running totals of picker costs / buckets picked per hour
  • Track the harvest in real time
  • If you pick directly into large bins, we’ve got you covered there too! Head to our Harvest Management page
iPad showing Hectre Cherries picking module
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Trusted by industry leaders, mid-scale cherry operators and family owned cherry farmers.
Hectre Cherry Customers

Cherry Pruning & Thinning

  • Both pruning and thinning jobs covered
  • Easily allocate piece rate or wages
  • Assign workers to locations, right down to block, row or even tree level
  • Track all your costs right down to block level
Hectre for cherries pruning on iPad

Insights & Reporting

  • All of your harvest data on one easy dashboard
  • Access all your harvest data and track costs
  • Track costs and profitability by block, variety and job
  • Know your numbers & identify areas to improve
  • Create custom reports and analysis effortlessly
  • Better insights + Informed decisions = Better results
Hectre cherry reports and insights farm management app
Hectre For Cherries

Scout (Task Management)

  • Monitor and track pest & disease from your phone or tablet
  • GPS tag key orchard tasks and assign them to your staff
  • Improve operational efficiency on your orchard
  • Spend less time finding issues
Adding a task in scout on a mobile phone

Early Fruit Sizing

  • Accurate cherry sizing in seconds with Hectre’s leading edge technology, Spectre
  • Gain early fruit sizing data as soon as your cherries are picked
  • Provide insights to the packhouse of what’s coming in off the field
  • Identify different size profiles generated by different blocks
  • Take advantage of early sales opportunities
  • Sell your fruit faster!

Simple, Fast & Accurate Fruit Sizing

  • Simply take a photo on your iPhone or iPad and Spectre will detect the cherries, size, and return size results within seconds
  • No special equipment required
  • Both small buckets and large bins accommodated
  • Increase QC sample size by 100 with just one click
  • Used around the world for apples and citrus, and now coming to the cherry industry


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