Customer Testimonials

Discover how fruit growers, packers and enterprise are gaining the advantage with Hectre

Washington Fruit & Produce

“Hectre's Spectre fruit sizing app helps us with the communication chain from the field, to the warehouse, and to sales.

Being able plan even better, is the end goal.”

Gilbert PlathField Staff & Technology Team

Borton Fruit

“Hectre really makes it easy to check on how many bins of apples we’ve picked, how many buckets of cherries we’ve picked and how many trees we’ve thinned that day. Hectre can really help a lot.”

Kohlter TrimbleRanch Manager

River Valley Fruit

“The addition of Spectre Top Down for Cherries to our technology program, is already providing exceptional outcomes. We have been able to drive down our downtime from 5 to 10 minutes per hour during packing, to basically zero.

The high volume of reliable size data we now get from Spectre Top Down for Cherries, enables us to make better informed decisions about our packing activities. This means we can progressively move from packing larger size fruit to smaller size fruit, throughout the day, minimizing disruption to the line operation, conveyor drop and packaging.

Adopting Spectre Top Down for Cherries has significantly improved our cherry packing operation, and is yet another example of the focus on operational excellence we have at River Valley Fruit.”

Seth GiffordIT Manager

Lamont Fruit Farms

“Hectre is now the tool we use to evaluate all of our blocks in the true sense of real time. You can track each and every project and monitor costs from the start of pruning until the end of harvest. Bilingual and user friendly at the same time has been a huge plus for our company. The staff has been fantastic with support and are always thinking forward.”

Jason WoodworthCEO

Sage Fruit

“At Sage Fruit, we always pride ourselves on being very innovative, so we're always looking for new partners and new technologies. When Hectre approached us about Spectre, we were immediately excited.

They were a partner right from the start and were willing to take our feedback and improve the tool to really make it what we needed.”

Nicole GordyDirector of Business Analytics
Debra Turner working

Turner Fruit LLC

“I never had the opportunity to attend my daughter's high school volleyball games before we had Hectre. Last season I was able to attend ALL of her games, because Hectre has saved me so much time on timesheets. It used to take me about 2 hours every evening to reconcile and enter all the timesheets, but with Hectre, it only takes about 20 minutes.”

Debbie TurnerCo-owner

Fankhauser Apples

“Hectre captures all of the hours worked by our employees. If an employee hasn’t met minimum wage, Hectre will use algorithms to automatically calculate the top-up amount required for that employee.

And Hectre allows us to compare all of our labor inputs with picking tallies for each individual block.”

Brad FankhauserGeneral Manager

First Fresh NZ

“The more we know about the size profile of a particular growers crop in advance of it being brought into the packhouse, the better we can plan our sales programs. Spectre will enable us to give instant feedback to a grower if the harvesting crew is meeting the brief in terms of picking to a size profile. Real time data in the field means growers can make adjustments on the fly.

When we evaluate new technology, simplicity of use is high on our list of desirable attributes. We want technology that can be used at all levels of our organization and across our supply chain.”

Ian AlbersManaging Director

Kokako Farms

“I can manage all of my timesheets on phones and iPads now and never have to chase the information anymore. Using Hectre, paying wages is just a simple excel download to get the totals for each staff member. Wage processing at peak times used to take an hour and a half minimum – now it takes just 15 minutes.

And because we can now see the block costs with Hectre, we’ve already gained insights on certain blocks costing a lot more than the averages. Job costings have also got a lot better and overpaying on jobs has stopped - saving us thousands. ”

Bruce NimonManager

Moana Orchard

“We've got a better handle on how many bins per day, how many bins per block. If you're trying to gather more information, and to try and do things better, then it's the way forward.”

Chris McinallyHarvest Manager

Tyrella Orchard

“It enabled us to change who is doing the bin ticketing, also how we pull the data, and we don't have to do that manually anymore.”

Mark AndersonHead Orchard Manager

Wairepo Orchard

“Quality checking is the most important thing for us to do, and if we're writing everything down then we don't have the time to do it.”

Leah BaileyHead Quality Controller

Hoddy’s Fruit Company

“What I've found useful is it's fast, responsive, and gives me time to do more important things (than paperwork).”

Canaan BalckBlock Manager

Tyrella Orchard

“Once I was shown the steps on how to use Hectre, it was easy”

Megan SmithSupervisor