From Hectre, award winning creators of the world’s simplest orchard technologies, comes Spectre.

The fastest, most accurate, and simplest, size and colour data in the world
to be delivered straight from an iPad or iPhone.

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Spectre Top Down

Spectre Top Down - Fruit Sizing Straight Off the Truck

If you are a large scale packer or marketer looking to improve your pack planning and labor management, reduce costly packline stoppages, and increase sales, then request a consultation below for Spectre Top Down or read about Monson Fruit’s experience here.

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Fruit packers around the world love the Spectre fruit sizing app

Spectre for Size

accurate fruit sizing in seconds

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With one click of an iPad or iPhone, fruit size and colour is detected, assessed, and data is available for your use within seconds.

Computer vision technology made simple.
No expensive or fancy equipment required.
Unlimited users. Unlimited images.
Use it in the orchard, in receiving, or anywhere you want.
Fast and accurate fruit size distribution data to support critical decision making.

Reduce time spent by


Increase sample size by


The difference

Do it all in seconds and with just one click

Accuracy rates of 95%+

Grader Comparison

We tested the accuracy of Spectre for Size against a multi million dollar commercial grader.

The results speak for themselves.

Receive Accuracy Comparisons
Graphic showing Spectre for Size versus commercial grader comparison

Spectre Hand Held

Valuable Early Size Data Delivered Fast And Simply

Spectre Hand Held delivers fruit size data earlier than ever before using just a simple iPad. Favored by fruit growers and packers around the world, Spectre Hand Held sizes apples, cherries, lemons, mandarins and oranges. (Additional fruit types are in development.)

  1. Pick a bin of fruit
  2. Take a photo on iPad and upload to Spectre
  3. Receive size distribution data… in seconds!

Use in the field or in the packhouse:

  • Know your size early
  • Adjust the pick to better meet the brief
  • Provide confidence to sales teams
  • Store your fruit better
  • Improve your packline operation
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Computer vision Spectre app in action sizing apples

Spectre Top Down

Massive Size Samples Straight Off The Truck

In response to demand from high volume producers and packhouses, Hectre has developed Spectre Top Down.

With Spectre Top Down, sample sizes in the thousands are collected in seconds via a fixed camera placed at receiving. As flatbed trucks pull into receiving they pass under the Spectre Top Down camera and Hectre's technology detects and sizes fruit from the top layer of bins, delivering huge size samples.

Join industry leaders and transform your size sampling process:

  • Fill orders with confidence
  • Improve fruit storage decisions
  • Reduce unnecessary packline stoppages
  • Sustain and enhance your reputation
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Hectre's Truck Top Vision with Graph - early fruit sizing at receiving using computer vision

Spectre Dashboard and Insights

Real Time Size Data: Mobile + Laptop

Hectre’s customers can access size and color data in the field or packhouse on their device, plus view even more extensive data on their laptop with the Spectre dashboard. Easy-to-use table views of size and color distributions deliver valuable insights in real-time.

Hectre gives you easy access to your data:

  • Gain valuable insights on fruit size at the earliest possible time (and color too)
  • Combine Spectre data for aggregated views – see size data for particular varieties / particular blocks
  • Access rich data from sizing in the field, in the packhouse or over trucks
  • Share data with owners, managers, or analysts in real time
  • Download and “play’ with the data however you want, whenever you want
  • Optimize your picking, storage, packing, and sales and marketing decisions
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Hectre Is Ranked Number One For ease Of Implementation

When you sign up with Hectre, our team will take care of all of your initial data set up, including loading up all of your orchard locations and varieties.

We make it easy to save time and gain value from technology quickly.

Crop Size Estimation

Accurate and Simple Fruitlet Sizing

Spectre for Fruitlets provides growers, agronomists and crop estimators, with one of the fastest, simplest and most accurate methods of sizing fruitlets.

Three Simple Steps
1 - Collect fruitlets
2 - Take photo on iPad or iPhone
3 - Receive sizing data within seconds

Clever Simplicity.

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Spectre for Fruitlets graph - Crop Size Estimation for pre harvest planning and maturation forecasting

Spectre for Colour

accurate colour data in seconds

Simple Colour Calibration

Environment Set Up

Set up standard settings on iPad or phone e.g. “Inside with lighting”, “Sunny outdoors” to reflect the difference environments make on viewing colour.

Calibrate for Environment

Calibrate colour for your specific settings using the easy hue slider on iPad or phone and save. Once saved, your environment settings can be selected at any time by any user, and new settings can be added.

Spectre colour calibration
Toggle between size and colour with Spectre

Colour Data

Colour Distribution in Seconds

Spectre provides colour distribution data within seconds detailing colour percentages to support successful decision making.

One Single Image Delivers Size AND Colour

Spectre captures one single image straight from iPad or phone and serves up both size and colour distribution data. Toggle between the two data sets.


Orchard and Farm
  • Better understand your quality
  • Increase picking performance
  • Reduce errors – no manual recording
  • Improve logistics
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Optimise orchard performance


Warehouse and Packhouse
  • Increase receiving sample rate x 100+
  • Streamline storage processes – right bin, right place
  • Reduce packing line resets
  • Improve sales order management with better data
  • Touchless technology – no damage to fruit
  • All data captured and stored with one click
Who Uses Spectre

Spectre is currently being used in the apple, citrus, pear and cherry industries, in orchards and farms, and in warehouses and packhouses.

Customers include well known USA companies, Washington Fruit and Produce Company, Sage Fruit, Borton Fruit, Yakima Fruit and Cold Storage and Monson Fruit, as well as New Zealand companies such as Rockit Global and First Fresh NZ, plus many more.

Development to serve other markets in the fruit industry is well underway.

Ready to transform, simplify, accelerate and improve the accuracy of your fruit sizing processes?