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Big Welcome To All Our New Customers For November 2023

By November 8, 2023 No Comments
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We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of the new customers who have joined Hectre in the past month! Welcome and thank you for choosing Hectre as your tech partner.



For the past 70 years, Clementi has been producing quality fruit out of South Tyrol, Italy. Clementi pride themselves on taking a holistic approach to fruit production – from the development of new systems and varieties, through to cultivation and marketing.

They’ll be harnessing the power of Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held AI to gain both size and color data for their apple varieties.

Teno Fruit


Located in Teno, Chile, Teno Fruit is on a mission to supply quality fruit to the most demanding markets in the world, and uses cutting-edge techniques throughout production, harvest and post-harvest.

Right in time for the Chilean cherry harvest, Teno Fruit will be gaining size and color data for their cherry varieties using Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held AI.

Olivar Export


Chilean fruit operation Olivar Export was established in 2012 following a successful merger of family businesses. They plant, produce, pack and export high quality fruit and have their own plant located in the O’Higgins Region, sustaining more than 600 jobs each season.

Olivar Export are improving their technology line up even further, by implementing both Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held AI and Spectre Top Down AI, enabling their teams to access reliable fruit size and color data, earlier than ever before. 

Naša Jabuka


We’re excited to welcome Hectre’s first customer in Serbia! Naša Jabuka was founded in the fall of 2015 and owns over 100 hectares of agricultural land in the village of Vodanj.

To gain size and color data for their range of different apple varieties, Naša Jabuka will be using Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held AI.

Fruites Caberol


Based out of Alcarràs, Spain, fruit packer Fruites Caberol exports a range of fruit including apples, cherries, pears and stone fruit.

To gain early size data on their different crop types, Fruites Caberol will be using Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held AI.

Orchard Fruit


Also joining Hectre from Spain, is the Spanish family business, Orchard Fruit. Orchard Fruit are dedicated to the cultivation, storage, packing and export of high quality fresh fruit from their farms located on the northern slopes of the Cordillera Ibérica. 

With an ongoing commitment to innovation, Orchard Fruit will be gaining the benefits of early size and color data by using Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held AI for their apple varieties. 



Adding to our growing Italian customer base is Vincentini, also based out of South Tyrol. They too will be using Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held AI to gain insights into their early apple size data.