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Decision Making – Staying Out Of The Lukewarm Zone

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by Luke Butters

Project Lead- Computer Vision and Machine Learning  @  Hectre

Do you struggle to make decisions? 

Whether it be choosing a technology to implement into your business process, a new routine to keep you and your family safe during uncertain times or simply deciding whether to enjoy pancakes or Cheerios for breakfast, we are constantly faced with a myriad of choices.

By improving your decision making ability, you’ll operate more efficiently and see your business, family, health and relationships thrive.

Photo of Luke Butters R&D Manager at Hectre

We all struggle to make decisions

Each and every day we’re faced with choices from all angles: Work, family, health, and responsibility. 

Busy schedules constantly demand us to make important choices which inevitably affect how well you and your organization perform, your families living standard, the condition of your mental and physical health along with how you are perceived by the community. 

Through the act of decision, responsibility is taken by reaching a conclusion and moving forward with the task at hand. 


To act with decision, there is an element of speed and strength required.


Why is it so hard to make decisions?

Making decisions can be tough. But why is that?

When we approach a decision, we’re approaching a crossroads. Depending on the outcome of the decision, an entirely new reality can be formed for better or worse.

While contemplating a decision, we’re in a place of infinite options where anything is possible. There are unlimited realities that could play out based on the range of choices at hand. Like a molecule of gas floating around freely, travelling in any direction at any time.

Once we pass the crossroads of decision and make a choice, infinite possibilities collapse into limited reality. No longer are the options open and free.

Through this critical moment, our creative faculties are put into play and we begin the first step into materializing our dreams. The free moving gas molecule transitions into a binded solid. It’s unable to choose its direction or position, but provides a tangible base and is connected to its neighbors.

Acknowledging decisive power through time

Philosophers through time have acknowledged the power of decision making. It wasn’t long ago that these tough choices were made based on guesses and the gut. Now, we’re able to lean on technological advancements providing insights to help with better informed decisions. 

There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go– Seneca The Younger, Roman stoic philosopher born in 4 BC.

“Life is the sum of all your choices” – Albert Camus, French philosopher born in 1913. 

Commitment to a path gives us direction and we’re able to build ourselves through a more meaningful life experience.

Stand up and commit to build your personal mastery

Once you know your goal, you can’t be afraid of taking risks. There is no Plan B.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

We can stay in the lukewarm zone of indecision for hours, days, months or even years! Just make the choice and move on. 

I call on you reading this blog post to stand up and commit to building your personal mastery through improving your decision making ability. 

By establishing a routine of making decisions with firmness and promptness, you’ll see your career, relationships and health thrive like never before. 

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