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Big Welcome To All Our New Customers For December 2023

By December 5, 2023 No Comments
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We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of the new customers who have joined Hectre in the past month! Welcome and thank you for choosing Hectre as your tech partner.

AgriNet 2000


Hectre’s customers include all types of businesses. We work with growers, packers, verticals, co-ops, enterprise, agronomists, and organisations that support the fresh produce industry. 

Located in Bologna, Italy and founded by seven agricultural science graduates in 1985, AgriNet 2000 supports the agriculture industry through agronomic trials, economic studies, and urban green initiatives.

AgriNet 2000 works with many different orchards and will be using Hectre’s Spectre AI on a wide range of crop types so they can obtain highly accurate size and color data during their quality control processes.

San Clemente


A family business that began in 1984, San Clemente had a simple philosophy of contributing to a healthy lifestyle by providing wholesome, fresh and high quality food products. Based out of Santiago, Chile, San Clemente has since realized this mission through their fully integrated operation that begins at the nurseries and ends with quality fruit on the table.

Being the third largest exporter of apples in Chile with 5,200,000 boxes of fruit for export, it’s no surprise that San Clemente has selected Spectre Hand-Held plus Spectre Top Down to gain valuable early size and color data for their apples.

Stryjno Sad


Stryjno Sad, or The Association of Fruit Producers, was first established in 1998 by several fruit growers from the Rybczewice commune in the Świdnica district of Poland. Ever since their inception, the main goal was to organize joint sales of fruit, especially apples, as well as to expand fruit-growing knowledge and jointly purchase means of production. Stryjno Sad are also part of the well-renowned LubApple, a global fruit producer that reaches 25 countries across the world. 

Currently, Stryjno Sad has 93 fruit producers from the fruit growing regions of Lublin, Wilga, Warka and Sandomierz, that produce 15,000 tons of apples annually. By using Spectre Hand-Held for their apple varieties, Stryjno Sad will have an even more efficient workforce during harvest while also optimizing their warehouse management.

Tres Ases


With a rich 60 year history, Tres Ases is a grower, packer, exporter and importer of fresh produce across international and domestic markets. Tres Ases play a key role in supporting the domestic market in Argentina as they’ve developed a strong commercial chain over the past decade. Due to the prestige and know-how gained through extensive experience, Tres Ases has become a solution partner for the Argentinian retail and wholesale sector.

Tres Ases manages 50,000 tons of fresh fruit annually with a fruit split of 50% apples, 45% pears and 5% stone fruit. Hectre’s Spectre Top Down and Spectre Hand-Held early size and color data will be supporting the success of Tres Ases’ operation and providing valuable information to their sales desk.

Emelka S.A


Dynamic organisation Emelka S.A. was established in 2000 and is located in the area of Chimpay, Rio Negro, Argentina. From starting out as producers for international quality pears, apples, cherries and stone fruits, they soon ventured into the export market. Over the years,  Emelka S.A. has also diversified into stock breeding, pastures, cereals and oilseeds.

With innovation and operational efficiency in mind, Emelka S.A. decided to progress their operation further and remove time intensive manual size sampling. 

They have introduced Hectre’s Spectre Top Down and Spectre Hand-Held AI solutions to their teams to provide reliable, high volume sample data to inform their decision making.