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Big Welcome To All Our New Customers For October 2023

By October 11, 2023 No Comments
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We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of the new customers who have joined Hectre in the past month! Welcome and thank you for choosing Hectre as your tech partner.



With their headquarters in Mollerussa, Spain, Nufri is an agro-industrial group which began in 1973, formed by several fruit producers from the Lleida region of El Pla d’Urgell. Now, they comprise 400 farmers who produce 150,000 tons of fruit every year; mainly apples, pears, oranges, tangerines and peaches.

Aligning with their principles around constant innovation, improvement and sustainability, Nufri will be using Hectre’s Spectre Top Down to gain massive volumes of early size and color data, straight off the truck.



Based out of Grootebroek, Netherlands, Gourmet has had a love for onions since 1951. The family business runs their complete onion operation, from cultivation to distribution, entirely in-house with the intention of keeping the links between cultivation and the end customer as close as possible.

To gain the advantage of early size data for their onions, they’ll be adopting both Hectre’s Spectre Hand-Held plus Spectre Top Down solutions.

Onion bins

Grupo Cochrane


Chilean vertical, Grupo Cochrane is known for producing and exporting high-end products across the globe, with their orchards spanning over 600 hectares across the unique terrains of Curicó and Talca valleys.

They’ll be utilizing Hectre’s Spectre for Cherries, right in-time to gain valuable size and color information when the Chile cherry harvest begins.



Gesex is a Chilean operation that began in 1998. With strong values around transparency and sustainability, they believe that delivering high quality Chilean fruit to the most demanding markets in the world is just the first step.

To gain valuable fruit data for both citrus and cherry varieties, Gesex will be using Spectre Hand-Held.



As we continue to grow in South America, we are also welcoming Yanten who are based in Olivar, Chile. 

They’ll be harnessing the advantages of Hectre’s full Spectre suite of both Spectre Hand-Held and Spectre Top Down, accessing accurate size and color information for their apple and pear crops, at the earliest time possible.



Our newest customer in Argentina is Pincen-Agro who’ll be gaining the Spectre advantage for both their cherry and apple crop types. More data to support more efficiency! 



As we continue our global expansion efforts, we are excited to welcome onboard our first customer from Poland: Wil-Sad!

Due to the distinctive characteristics of Mazovia, the advantageous microclimate, and the rich soils found in the Central Vistula Valley, the fruit harvested from Wil-Sad’s orchards boasts exceptional quality with a one-of-a-kind flavor, appearance, and aroma.

The team at Wil-Sad will be using our computer vision AI solution, Spectre Hand-Held, to gain huge apple size samples straight off their phone, as soon as the fruit is picked.

Güizzo Frutas


Over in Argentina you’ll find cherry producer Güizzo Frutas, who were established more than 40 years ago. With their main production of cherries within Mendoza, they supply both local and international markets with quality produce. 

They’ll be using Hectre’s Spectre for Cherries AI to ensure they have the size and color data to help drive even more efficiency in their operation.

Moño Azul


Moño Azul was founded in 1961 by four families of Río Negro fruit producers in Argentina. With apple and pear farms in the Upper Valley of Rio Negro and Neuquén, the terrain is characterized by its vast array of fruit trees with a natural irrigation system from the Neuquén River.

Spectre Top Down and Spectre Hand-Held will be delivering valuable size and color information for the Moño Azul team, for both apples and pears.