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October 2023 New Features and Product Enhancements

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We’ve got some exciting enhancements in store this month, with some fresh releases on their way soon!

First, let’s take a look at what’s new with Spectre (for Hectre Orchard Management App enhancements and last month’s releases, please scroll further down).

Hectre’s Computer Vision AI – Spectre

Innovation Highlights:

Spectre Top Down Color Automation

Expected Release Date – Mid-Late October

Our Spectre Top Down customers will be pleased to hear that color automation is on route!

What does this mean? Color parameters will be detected by Hectre’s Spectre AI technology and will be automatically selected, depending on what the current lighting conditions are, making color data easier and more accurate than ever before.

Once released, your Customer Success rep will be in touch to get you up to speed. 

Not using Spectre Top Down but want to gain massive fruit size and color data straight off the truck? Contact us for a free consultation.


Take a look at some of the new color enhancements below that are coming your way:

  • Spectre for Color customers will be able to categorize fruit varieties into color families such as grouping apples into a red, pink or golden color family depending on their shade of color.
  • A further enhancement: Spectre will automatically detect what the lighting condition is and apply this for color assessment, saving time and reducing manual error.
  • If Spectre detects a brand new lighting condition for one of your varieties, you’ll be automatically notified and sent a link to the Hectre Web Dashboard to create that missing color parameter, all within minutes of the first group coming through in the new lighting condition. Better yet, all past groups that match this condition will be reprocessed! This means you won’t need to set up all your parameters at the start of the season and you’ll be able to quickly add them as you go so that all varieties under all lighting conditions will have accurate color automation. Hectre Customer Success stars will also be on stand by to assist if needed.

Spectre Hand-Held Color Automation

Expected Release Date: Late October

A lot of work and testing has been involved in optimizing our color automation for Spectre. As you would have seen above, we’ll be releasing Spectre Top Down color automation next, followed by our Hand-Held customers who’ll be gaining these automation enhancements soon after!

Here’s a video from Hectre’s Group Product Manager, Aaron with more detail on these automation enhancements

Spectre For Cherries Color

Expected Release Date: Late October

Spectre for Cherries customers will be excited to learn they’ll soon be able to know how many cherries of each shade of red are in their bins and totes.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming cherry harvest, great news – we’ll be releasing this awesome feature right in time for the pick, so you can gain access to valuable cherry color data.

Get your hands on Spectre for Cherries – contact us for a free consultation. 


Spectre for Android

Released September – In your hands now!

Spectre for Android was officially released last month, providing the same accurate size and color data at scale that you’ve been used to on iPhones and iPads.

We’ve already been seeing some fantastic feedback coming from growers and packers now using Spectre on their Android devices. If your a current Spectre customer and have an Android device you’d like to scan with: 

  • Simply go to the Google Play Store
  • Download the Hectre App and login with your existing account
  • Start scanning with Spectre

If you need a hand getting Spectre for Android setup, contact our support team here.

So how does this multi award-winning tech work? It’s unbelievably simple:

  1. Pick a bin of fruit
  2. Take a photo on your device and upload to Spectre
  3. Receive size distribution data… in seconds!

Use in the field or in the packhouse:

  • Know your size early
  • Adjust the pick to better meet the brief
  • Provide confidence to sales teams
  • Store your fruit better
  • Improve your packline operation and reduce downtime

Hectre’s Orchard Management Software

Innovation Highlights:


Expected Release Date: Late October

To our New Zealand apple and pear growers, Hectre’s new RPIN orchard tool is nearly ready for release! This self-service mapping tool enables you to align your Hectre orchard structure with the NZAPI structure (RPIN, Production Site, Management Area, Variety). 

Final beta testing is now being carried out but we have a sneak peek for you to check out below.

Other Recent Releases

Hectre QC API

  • You’re now able to directly connect the Hectre API to the current analytics tools that you use day-to-day. 
  • This enables all the QC information you’ve collected through the Hectre app to be easily accessed and displayed for more detailed analysis.

▶ If you would like to access the Hectre QC API, click here to view instructions.

Hectre Staff API Integration

  • The Hectre Staff API enables you to synchronize all changes relating to pickers – wage rate, employment status, personal details – from your external payroll system straight into Hectre.
  • If you’re looking to reduce double-entry and ensure your pickers’ details are kept up to date, enquire now about using the Hectre Staff API.

Spectre For Cherries Accuracy Enhancement

Our teams were committed to delivering even greater cherry sizing accuracy to our customers for this US cherry season! This involved continually evaluating and refining our Spectre for Cherries models, honing the accuracy tighter and tighter.

We released the enhanced Spectre for Cherries model at the end of June and received fantastic feedback.

Spectre for cherries

That’s a wrap… for now! More fab features and enhancements coming your way soon!